You Can’t Teleport, But Your Photos Can. This Is The Lumix GM1 Review Pt.2

Back in January, I unboxed the amazing Lumix GM1. CLICK.
Back in February, it created a bulge in my pants. CLICK.
Now it teleports my photos. Here’s part 2 review of the Lumix GM1.

One of the features I like to use is the 1-point focus area whereby I get to tap on the screen to tell the camera where to focus at. It’s surprising that the focusing is always fast and accurate. Panasonic added the ability to change the size of the focus area, so if you want to focus on something really tiny, just turn the dial and the focus box will decrease its size. Super handy.

Remember I mentioned that I will show you one of the most amazing features in the GM1? This is it. Wifi connectivity.

Here’s a simple step by step on how to get your devices to connect with the GM1:
– Download the Panasonic Image App into your iOS or Android devices.
– Press the Wifi button on the camera and a password will be displayed.
– Connect your device to it and type in the password (you only need to do this for the first time).

Thats it. Now once connected, we can do 2 major things in the Image App.

Live control of the camera

I like how we can tap to focus, set white balance, focus modes, ISO and everything else from the app. Basically we do not need to touch the camera at all if we wanna set anything. Super convenient.

Transfer photos from the memory card

We can multiple select or just select one photo to be transferred to our devices. From the settings, we can set differnet actions for the 4 sides of the screen. For example, drag to left edge to save to phone or drag to top edge to share to social networks.

This is basically my favorite feature on the GM1 and all my photos are transferred to my iPad and then to Instagram. You can view them here.

Here’s a lens I got separately. The 20mm F1.7 ‘pancake’ lens.

I like how big the aperture is on this thing, allowing me to create super blur bokeh (background) with super sharp subjects yet maintaining a wide angle. Below are some photos taken using the kit lens and the pancake lens. Click to enlarge.

Kit Lens (12-32mm f3.5-6.3)

The kit lens is actually very impressive. I didn’t know it was so wide (12mm) cos my dSLR kit lens usually go as wide as 18mm only. The photo quality is also superb. Sujects are sharp, colours are natural and everything feels very clean and comfortable. One thing I dont like is the built of it. It’s plastic and light. So on first impression one would think that it’s not good.

Pancake lens (20mm f1.7)

I love the pancake lens. Great autofocus speed, though I feel it’s not as fast as the kit lens somehow. Subjects are super sharp and bokeh looks good. Hehe.

My verdict on the Lumix GM1
– Great noise control for high ISO photos
– Super sharp images
– Tend to under expose photos by 0.5ev, so you gotta learn and increase it manually.
– Battery life is bad. I’d recommend you get an extra battery for travel and stuff. Note that most mirrorless cameras consume a lot of battery power.
– The RRP of RM2500 is quite worth, as the GM1 does and can produce photos similar to those taken using dSLRs, but in a seriously tiny body.

If you wanna check out my Instagrams taken using the GM1, do head on to or search for the hashtag #smashpopgm1 on Instagram.


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