You Won’t Believe How Long I Stood To Decide On My GUESS. But It’s Worth It.

So a few days ago I was at the mall and I suddenly felt like checking out some watches. Guess it’s about time I get a new timepiece. So I walked over to a nearby watch shop and checked out what they have.

I was actually looking for a digital watch but not the mainstream ones and something caught my eye.

GUESS actually makes digital watches now. Can you believe it? I was like woah this is rare. So I quickly asked the assistant to open the glass box for me. LOL.

I laid my eyes on 3 watches, all of the same type, but different colour variations. Black, Gold & Blue.

Look at this. SO BEAUTIFUL! According to the assistant there, this is GUESS’ first digital watch for the young and trendy people. (Sounds like me kan?) 
This watch has this retro design that reminds me of the time when timepieces were symbol of one’s status-this seems to achieve that.

I was kinda leaning towards the blue, W0595G2, one as it looks super modern and edgy. The shiny bezel just stands out and confirm people will ask me to show them my watch if I were to wear this out.

So I finally bought it. Wore it out a few days ago and took some photos. Check it!

I honestly think the watch looks really good, especially on my wrist. 🙂

So what you think? Does the blue one suit me? Or should have picked the black or gold variant? Anyhow, this is definitely money well spent. RM500+ for GUESS’ first digital watch… and a really good looking one. *Pats own shoulder* .
Good job on your purchase, Jason.

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