Yummy Umaiya

more sushi more more sushiiiiiiiii!

… but before that….

cheers!!!!! while waiting for more food… we drank n drank n drank.

Damn nice this one…. consists of Taco Pelt, Dragon Roll and Skin Roll…. damn delicious… the skin is crunchy.. the roll is juicy.. yummmmm

… but seems like we were still hungry… hungry for more that is… ahahah will there be more food for us?

Well… of course!

Then this was served…. salmon sushi and kanpachi.

While we were eating, the models from the Omega Watch showcase from upstairs came down when the show ended. We got the chance to take photos with some of them hehe.

Chun hor… 😀 aiyo.. why got Simon at the back… lololol

We then continued eating… and another dish was served!

The brown gravy on the scallops damn nice… slup.. we licked all the shells there til the last drop. ahahha

MORE tomorrow!!! 😀

Oh! Just because you are reading my blog and you might probably be hungry now, you can actually go get some nice japanese food at Umaiya, Damansara Uptown at lower price!

Just mention “BlupBlup Umaiya” and you will enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill. Terms and conditions apply.

This discount is valid for the whole month of September 2008 oni. 😀



  1. day-dreamer

    Wah the scallop looks really good!

  2. Alice Teh

    Allo smashpOp, I’m not a big fan of Japanese food but all those pics are making me change my mind. A few of us from the office may be visiting Umaiya in September. And yes, we’ll not forget to mention the blupblup thingy. Already practiced. Ahem! 😛

  3. Darren

    wooo super hot girls!

  4. Bryan Hoo

    haha that simon face funny la. the one u took with sharon 1. haha
    ohya, i want the me n sharon pic too!!!! hehe

  5. andrew

    LOL…. Simon look like he’s drunk behind!! =D hahaha…. bila mau pigi jap food lagi?? tag along can? ROFL

  6. -waiseng-

    HAHA! That pic i take with simon inside geh. He drunk jor.

  7. Stanleyliew

    Lolz, after this I’m sure Umaiya Restaurant will have really good business…..and people coming up to them and saying BlubBlub Umaiya!

  8. EVo

    Eh yo pop brudder. nice pics man, i mean the model..dun have any more meh?i think she’s more appetizing than any sushi la!if i go up to her and say ‘boob boob umaiya’ can get date or not? haha!

    Yeah famine, lost 1 kg, then put back 2 kg after i came back. my belly’s misbehaving itself lately >_<

    What plans for merdeka eve la? didja check out fireworks competition today?

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